Learning rights from wrongs in Rome

Rome was my very first stop on my journey across the seas!

I was lucky enough to stop in Dubai briefly and experience 50 degree heat and overly complimentary airport staff! After only a fleeting look at the city from the airport windows I was back on my plane and stuck with overly chatty Australians who had been sitting near me since leaving Sydney 😦

I managed to break free from the Australians upon arrival in Rome. Surprisingly I made it to my hostel without any hiccups. I even quickly made a friend and 24hrs after jumping on a 6am flight I was sharing red wine on the  balcony of the hostel with new American friends. This was just the start to what truly was a great time in Rome.

My two days there were spent relaxing, sightseeing and shopping. I went to town at the various Zara Stores and Guja (an amazing shoe store), working out the debit card (thanks  John!) Here are just some of my great finds:

What’s that? A Cat Dress? You better believe it baby!

I made another friend in the form of a waiter called Alessandro!

Possible International Affair #1

I couldn’t find this amazing restaurant I had been to the last time i was in Rome so I settled for a place in front of the Pantheon…Unfortunately I got a great view instead of a great lunch, but that was ok. Alessandro slipped me a note asking me to return when he finished his shift so he could take me for galto…I declined in favour for more shopping:

BEA-utiful! Thanks Guja!

I began enjoying Rome so much that I became a little over confident. Alessandro had taught me how to ask for the bill in the Italian and explained some basic language in relation to food, so I felt I was prepared for the Italian menu…how wrong I was! I was at a lovely little cafe when the waiter rushed over to give me the english version of the menu.

“No Grazie” I told him…I didn’t need it, I practically am Italian…right? I proceeded to order what I thought would be a lovely anti-pasti (Mozarella), assuming that it would come with some bread, vinegar and oil. Well, this is what I got:

My giant Mozarella Ball…lost in translation or cruel joke on the foreigner?

What would you have done? Admitted to your mistake? Told the waiter to take it back? Ha. I was too embarrassed and shocked. So, well, I ate it…all of it (except the lettuce). And just as I thought I couldn’t be any closer to making myself sick on a cheese-overdose I read the bill which stated that in total it was a 300g ball of mozarella.

Touché Rome. Touché!

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1 Response to Learning rights from wrongs in Rome

  1. kk says:

    Can you please get me a cat dress too? I laughed so hard at this blog I couldn’t breathe.

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