Food Scoops!!

As an appreciator of food and a big ‘Hamish and Andy’ fan (fellow Aussies will know what I am referring to), this page will be a homage to the Food Scoops pioneered by Hamish Blake:

Hamish (the guy in the hotdog suit) and Andy. Comedy radio duo in Australia

‘But Brigid, what are Food Scoops?’, I hear you un-enlighted fellows ask?

Simply, its a story, exposé or report on a new/exciting discovery in the world of food, usually some variety of snack! Thus reporting on it is a ‘scoop’. Throughout the duration of this post I will bring you hard-hitting exposés on the Food Scoops that I find in my newest frontier: Italy!

Food Scoop 1) Nutella & Go!

Rome (June 16, 2012).

I happened upon this discovery in Rome when I was waiting for my train to Bologna. At first glance it seemed like an excellent innovation compared to the form of nutella I am most used to eating (that is the small sachets we have in Australia which come with a plastic stick to eat the Nutella with). Nutella & Go! seemed great because they had combined the eating utensil with food…i.e. included little bread sticks as the eating utensil to dip into the nutella and then eat! Genius…no?

Nutella & GO!

Well, I thought so! The combination is in fact delicious, and the pack includes a generous helping of Nutella so you are more than satisfied. There was only one minor peculiarity: Nutella & Go! also includes a beverage (kind of like a popper, except it is soft drink-not juice). I didn’t realise this when I purchased my snack, but I sampled the beverage anyway. Unfortunately it was warm, and not overly delicious. However, Nutella & Go! is still a highly enjoyable snack (if you skip the drink provided), thus I am enstating it as the first entry into my list of Food Scoops for Eataly 2012. I recommend it to Nutella lovers everywhere!

Food Scoop (2 Loacker Choco & Coco

Bologna. (June 27. 2012)

This little treat immediately made its way to my heart, faster than many of my other favourite foods. As the picture shows it is a little wafer bar which is made of deliciousness. However, this is only a treat for coconut lovers. It reminds me of the white ferrero rochers…except in a the form of a wafer and chocolate bar and no nut in the middle. Either way it gets 10/10 and has become part of my own Bolognese diet!

The Mona Lisa of chocolate bars!


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  1. kk says:

    Please ship me a crate immediately.

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